Enzymatic Activity
Pectinases Aspergillus Niger PL, PG and PME with different ratio depending on type of pectine and polysaccharides to hydrolize.
Pure Pectin
Methyl esterases
Aspergillus Niger Purified
Arabanases Aspergillus Niger Endo and exoarabanases
Hemicellulases Aspergillus Niger Various, galactomannanases, xyloglucanases, etc…

Aspergillus Niger,

 Trichoderma Sp.
Blend with different ratio of following activities: Beta 1,4 glucanase, beta 1,3 glucanase, beta 1,6 glucanase, cellobiase, beta glucosidase and others activities.
Xylanases Trichoderma Longibrachiatum Hydrolysis of  xylan from cereals.

Asp Niger,

Trichoderma Sp.
Beta glucanase for glucans from cereals or for glucans from  fungal origin (hydrolysis of cell wall, hydrolysis of glucan from Botrytis).
Beta glucosidases Asp Niger
Beta galactosidases Asp Oryzae Ideal for hydrolysis of  lactose at low pH.
Acid Proteases Asp. Niger Can be active up to pH 2.
Acid Proteases Mucor Miehei

See full range of microbial Coagulants

SUMIZYME MMR for dairy application.
Neutral Proteases Asp Oryzae, bacillus Endo proteases, and exopeptidases  under different ratio.
Alcaline proteases Asp Melleus, bacillus sp. -
Glucoamylases Asp Niger -
- Rhizopus Oryzae Active on non gelatinized starch.
Amylases Bacillus Sp. All from  non GMO. Thermostability according to strain.

Asp. Niger

- Candida Rugosa -
Glucose oxydases Penicillium chrysogenum With or without  catalase.
Chitinases Aspergillus Niger Active on soluble oligomers.
Invertases Asp Niger -
Inulinases Asp Niger -
Catalases Asp Niger -
Tannases Asp Oryzae -
Phytases Asp Niger Produced from non GMO
Alpha galactosidases Asp Niger -
Phosphatases Asp Niger -
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