Takabio offers non-GMO enzymes produced in Japan by Shin Nihon under the trademark: SUMIZYME™

Our enzymes are widely recognized for their excellent quality and effectiveness. All our enzymes are produced via fermentation using non-genetically modified microorganisms (non-GMO).

Takabio’s expert engineers and the R&D teams at Shin Nihon Chemical can research, develop and produce specific solutions on request. We can help you optimize your industrial processes (finished product quality, better yields, optimized production costs).

Working with TAKABIO means benefiting from a customer experience we strive to make excellent.

Your needs:

  • A specific enzyme activity or a large spectrum of activities
  • An innovative, ‘clean label’ technical solution
  • Non-GMO enzymes for use in organic food applications (in compliance with existing regulations)
  • Enzymes in various concentrations and forms: liquid, powder or micro-granules
  • Small quantities or large volumes
  • Certified products (Halal, Kosher, Vegan, etc.)

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