The name ‘Takabio’ is a tribute both to Dr. Jokichi Takamine and to biology, the science of living things.

Dr. Jokichi Takamine (1854-1922) is known as the father of American biotechnology. As a Japanese scientist, Dr. Takamine pioneered enzyme engineering, and also discovered adrenaline.

He lived in Japan during the Meiji era - a time marked by the country’s transformation into a modern society, open to the world - and in the United States during a period of economic expansion and industrialization.

While studying miso fermentation, a paste made from fermented soybean, and more specifically the micro-organism Aspergillus oryzae,he used the traditional soybean fermentation technique in new fields of application. He patented several discoveries that enabled the industrial production of enzymes.

Dr. Jokichi Takamine was also a true entrepreneur.

Through the Dr. Jokichi Takamine foundation, Takabio and Shin Nihon are committed to safeguarding and passing on the legacy of this humanist entrepreneur and citizen of the world.