Vegetables and fruits processing
A full product range of enzymes to improve the maceration and extraction, clarification, filtration and stabilization of fruits and vegetables juices, and to improve the firmness and integrity of fruits and vegetable.
Wine and fermented drinks
A full product range of enzymes and formulations for the production of wine, cider, beer and others fermented beverages or alcohol. 
Dairy Industry
A full product range of enzymes to coagulate the milk and ensure the proteolysis, the ripening andaromatization of the cheese. For these applications we propose a full standard product range and or tailor made products accordingly to your specific needs. More info
Proteins hydrolysis
A full product range of enzymes to solubilize and modify the functional properties of animal and vegetal proteins.
A full product range of enzymes produced from non Genetically Modified Organisms (non GMO) for baking and for cereals based ingredients.
Other Products and applications
A full range of enzymes for many others applications for human food like dietary supplements or for animal feed. For the applications for the environment and agriculture, we can also help you and give the contact of our partner specialised for these applications.