Wine and fermented drinks
A full product range of enzymes and formulations for the production of wine, cider, beer and others fermented beverages or alcohol. 

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Wine and fermented drinks

- Wine :
- Pulp maceration enzymes for white wine, color extraction formulations for red and rosé wines

- enzymes for clarification

-enzymes for filtration

- elevage enzymes

- enzymes for stabilization

-  enzymes for aroma enhancement

- enzymes for Starch liquefaction and saccharification

- enzymes for non–gelatinized starch
- filtration enzymes.
- Acid Proteases for amino-acids release during fermentation

- Cocktails of Pectinases from Aspergillus Niger .
- Glucanases from Trichoderma.
- Betaglucosidases from Aspergillus Niger.
- Bacterial Amylases.
- Fungal Amylases.
- Fungal acid Proteases.
- Xylanases and fungal Glucanases.

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