Vegetables and fruits processing
A full product range of enzymes to improve the maceration and extraction, clarification, filtration and stabilization of fruits and vegetables juices, and to improve the firmness and integrity of fruits and vegetable.

Applications Requested functionality Products type
Vegetables and fruits processing

- Maceration of fruits and vegetables for juice extraction improvement.

- Enzymatic firming of fruits & vegetables (whole fruits, pulps or pieces).
- Juice treatment for clarification and filtration.
- Viscosity breakdown in pulps and cloudy juices.
- Stabilization of fruit and vegetables concentrates.
- Emulsion breakdown for oil recovery (vegetal oils, essential oils).
- Pectinases from Aspergillus Niger.
- Pectin Methyl Esterases(PME) purified from Aspergillus Niger.
- Pectin-Lyases(PL) purified from Aspergillus Niger.
- Polygalactacturonases(PG) from Aspergillus Niger.
- Arabanases (ARA)from Aspergillus Niger.
- Hemicellulases from Aspergillus Niger
- Cellulases from Aspergillus Niger.
- Cellulases from Thrichoderma.
- Amylases from Aspergillus Niger and from Aspergillus Oryzae .
- Acid Proteases from Aspergillus Niger.
- Tannases from Aspergillus Niger.
- Macerases from Rhizopus Oryzae.
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