Other Products and applications
A full range of enzymes for many others applications for human food like dietary supplements or for animal feed. For the applications for the environment and agriculture, we can also help you and give the contact of our partner specialised for these applications. 

Applications Requested functionality Products type

Dietary and miscellaneous

Animal Feed

- Single activities or formulated blends for:
- Dietary food supplements.

- Sugar inversion in acidic conditions.
- Inulin hydrolysis.


- Animal  feed

- Lactases (beta galactosidases) from Aspergillus Oryzae.
- Alpha galactosidases from Aspergillus Niger.
- Fungal Proteases.
- Fungal Amylases .
- Fungal Xylanases.
- Fungal Cellulases.
- Fungal Phytases.
- Fungal Phosphatases.
- Lipases from Aspergillus Niger.
- Lipases from Candida Rugosa.
- Glucose Oxydases from Penicillium.
- Fungal Catalases.
- Fungal Invertases.
- Fungal Inulases.

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