History and development :
TAKABIO has been created to represent, sell and distribute the enzymes produced by SHIN NIHON CHEMICAL from Japan. The name TAKABIO is a tribute to Jokichi TAKAMINE and “BIO” from “Biology”, the science of life.
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flecheShin Nihon has been created in 1959 in Japan.

flecheShin Nihon is one of the main food enzymes producers.

flecheShin Nihon uses a specific production technology which allows to produce exclusive products. More info >> Enzymes production by solid state fermentation

flecheShin Nihon has 2 sites in Japan, in Anjyo City (Aichi) and in Nishio City (Aichi).

flecheMore than 120 persons work at Shin Nihon in Japan. The sales are shared between Domestic sales (30%) and Export sales (70%).

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